6 Benefits of a Tiled Kitchen Splashback

The kitchen is the heart of your home, bringing your family or friends together to enjoy a meal, a cup of tea or even just a long overdue catch up.

With so much time spent in your kitchen, you ideally want it to look effortlessly stylish and be easy to clean.

One way to give your kitchen an affordable, practical and eye-catching revamp is to install a splashback that not only improves the look of your kitchen, but also provides a practical use.

At InStyle, we offer an extensive range of premium kitchen tiles in Perth that are guaranteed to suit any style or décor.

So what are some of the many benefits of using kitchen tiles to create a splashback?

Increase your Kitchen Value

Whether you are looking to sell your home soon or renovate it for the future, one easy way to make improvements and increase the value of your home is to update your kitchen with a simple splashback.

A drab, worn down kitchen with regular walls behind a cooktop or sink that are covered in hard-to-remove stains will devalue your kitchen and home overall.

Using unique or premium kitchen tiles from InStyle Ceramics for your splashback will add significant value to the look and atmosphere of your kitchen, plus it will protect your walls from costly and unsightly damage.

Quick and Easy to Install

Confident DIY’ers will love the ease with which a kitchen tile splashback can come together. But if you would rather leave things to the professionals, a qualified tiler can also complete the project quickly for you.

At InStyle Ceramics, we not only offer wall tiles, kitchen tiles and ceramic tiles in Perth, we also have a Trade Centre where we supply materials and equipment to guarantee your tiling project is perfectly finished.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

From breakfast bacon to spaghetti bolognese, kitchens endure some tough spots, spills, splatters and stains.

Kitchen tile splashbacks turn cleaning into an easy task; oily, difficult-to-clean splatters don’t stand a chance on ceramic and wall tiles, as the sleek surface means stains can easily be wiped away with a cloth and general cleaning products.

Unlimited Design Options to Choose From

A new splashback can breathe life into an older kitchen by adding a bold feature wall or seamlessly tying your appliances and décor together.

Many homeowners choose to use mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles or wall tiles for their splashback, thanks to the extensive array of colours, shapes, sizes and finishes, that are available.

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to choosing your ideal kitchen splashback.

Provides Protection

Bare walls are porous and over time, after relentless splatters from soap, water or grease, your walls can become significantly damaged.

Putting a splashback in place provides protection for your walls and eliminates the risk of long term wall damage or hard-to-remove stains.

Easily Replaced

If you have an old splashback in your kitchen that you are looking to revamp, or even a tile that has become damaged over time, replacing it is an easy and non-costly process.

Your Tile Boutique for Kitchen Tiles in Perth

Improving your kitchen can be as as simple as adding a modern mosaic tile splashback or replacing a tired splashback with something more bold.

If you are unsure of what tiles to use, caught between colours or surprised by the number of styles available, a trip to InStyle Ceramics can give you the expert advice you need.

Our expert team of interior designers will help you to explore all your kitchen tile design options, matching your current décor to tiles on display in our tile showroom.

Contact InStyle Ceramics today to get started on your kitchen renovation journey with experts in the tile industry.