6 Tiled Feature Wall Ideas

A tiled feature wall immediately adds a sense of depth to a room, opening up a living space while also creating an eye-catching focal point.

It also serves the purpose of distracting the eye from imperfections in the room, and to establish the theme of a living space.

Another pro of tiled featured walls? They’re much easier to clean, and are far more durable than other feature wall materials.

If you know you want to go with tiles for your feature wall, but can’t decide on a theme, here are the ones we recommend. 


Rustic Tiles

A feature wall made of timber tiles or metal-lookalike tiles in earthy colours is a modern way to generate the country-feel of a warm and cosy home. Rectangular tiles, arranged and laid in a pattern that mimics exposed brick, or concrete-look and metal-look rustic tiles are ideal for instantly creating the in-vogue, edgy industrial-chic look – one that’s increasingly popular and which is suitable for residential and commercial properties.


Mosaic Tiles

Together many tessellated smaller tiles work as a timeless and elegant mosaic feature, subtly adding texture and character to the feature wall, all while making the room feel more inviting. Mosaic tiles in feature walls work well in bathrooms, to bring vibrancy to a kitchen, or to bring some style outside near the pool area.


Moroccan Tiles

Intricate architecture is what the Moroccans are famous for, with the distinctive design of their printed tiles providing functionality and beauty. Who needs to buy a piece of art when you can create a captivating one on your feature wall with Moroccan tiles?

In colour combinations like royal blue and white, or terracotta and grey, Moroccan tiling adds an exotic African, Middle Eastern or Mediterranean feel to a space, perhaps one that’s inspired from your travels or dream-destinations. By limiting the tiling to the feature wall of a bathroom, lounge room, kitchen, or outdoor area, you’ll be also be ensuring that the space won’t look ‘too busy’ or headache-inducing.


Block Colour

A splash of colour adds contrast, and in turn warmth and character to a mostly neutral living space, yet without being overpowering. A one or two-toned block of colour also provides the perfect canvas for placing a bedhead or mantelpiece up against, or for hanging a wall mirror – tricking the eye into thinking the room is larger than it really is.


Where to From Here?

A feature wall is designed to make a bold statement, so you want to make sure the one you have in mind works with the rest of the room’s running theme. This is something we can help you with – whether you’re after a feature wall for one room, or several rooms in your home or commercial property.

Head to our boutique Perth showroom for some inspiration and a chat with us on how to get started, or contact us today. From styling and curation to being laid down, at InStyle Ceramics, we know how to bring you a tile feature wall that will transform your space.