6 Trending Style Ideas for Your Bathroom Tiles

When you wake up in the morning and stumble into your bathroom to get ready for the day, you want to be in a space that exudes luxury, is easy to keep clean and puts you in a great mindset for the day.

So what changes can you make to your bathroom to bring in some modern style?

Tile styles change constantly and new designs come out year after year, setting new trends and benchmarks for interior design and decorating.

If your bathroom is due for a makeover or even just a facelift, contact InStyle Ceramics to discuss the latest bathroom design trends for 2019.

As a tile boutique, InStyle Ceramics keep on top of the latest trends to ensure we stock the best and newest bathroom tiles in Perth.

1. Graphic Patterns

Bathroom tiles bring so much to your wall space, so why not use them to introduce a bold pattern or design to your bathroom.

Graphic patterned tiles are a simple way to add colour or design to your floor, walls or both, with patterns as intricate or as simple as you like.

At InStyle Ceramics, you can find ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles with a range of graphic patterns to suit your colour theme or décor.

2. Matte Finishes

Polished, glossy tiles give a luxurious, clean look to your bathroom, but they only stay luminously glossy when they are well maintained; we will take a good guess that this is where the recent love affair with matte finished bathroom tiles has grown from!

Bathroom tiles with a matte finish are becoming more popular due to their low-shine that somewhat masks smudges and watermarks – which are typical in a busy bathroom.

Porcelain tiles with a matte finish also offer an understated beauty to your bathroom, allowing more earthy tones such as charcoals and even timber to give your bathroom a unique look.

3. Neutrals

While brightly coloured bathrooms with shades of blue, green and even orange may have had their day in the past, they are certainly not the way of the future.

Neutral tones, such as white, grey and cream, create a relaxing, calm atmosphere in your bathroom, allowing you to relax and prepare for your day ahead, or sink into the bath at the end of a long day.

A great way to add style with neutral tones is to use porcelain tiles in a stone or marble look, or to use mosaic tiles as a wall or shower feature.

4. Timber Tiles

Timber look tiles allow bathrooms to have the natural look and feel of timber without the drawbacks of real wood.

Areas with high moisture, such as bathrooms, should avoid using real wood and timber products, as real wood can warp, scratch and dent easily.

However, timber look tiles are made from porcelain or ceramic, which means they can be used in high moisture areas such as bathrooms, outdoor patios and even around pools.

If you haven’t heard about timber look tiles before or you want to know more, read our blog for beginners tips on including timber look tiles in your home.

5. Honeycomb Tile

Hexagonal tiles, or “honeycomb tiles” are a popular tile shape for 2019, offering an easy way to add a geometric pattern to your wall or floor.

The honeycomb tile also comes in various patterns, so on top of the eye-catching honeycomb shapes made by the tiles when they are installed on your floor or wall, you can pair plain hexagonal tiles with intricately patterned tiles in random or well-planned configurations.

6. Texture

If you are looking to stick with a particular colour theme, but want to add depth and variation to your design, why not consider 3D tiles as part of your bathroom overhaul.

3D bathroom tiles are a great way to turn a simple feature wall into a piece of art.

Your Tile Boutique for Bathroom Tiles

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With over 30 years of industry experience, we know the importance of keeping up with ever-changing trends and helping our customers to include them in their homes.

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