Beginners Guide to Timber Tiles

With a natural, yet elegant look that can be made to suit any home, timber-look tiles have emerged as a popular tiling solution for many homes.

Not only do timber-look tiles replicate the aesthetic value of real timber, they provide a flooring choice that is durable, easy to clean and more versatile than their counterpart.

Timber-look tiles are generally made of ceramic or porcelain; with technological advances in printing and manufacture, the porcelain or ceramic is transformed into tiles that could be easily mistaken for real timber.

Why Timber-Look Tiles?

Regular timber flooring has its downfalls, particularly when it comes to its high cost, low resistance to temperature changes, likelihood of termite attack and unsuitability in wet environments such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Which leads us to timber-look tiles, which counter many of the disadvantages associated with real timber, including their suitability for wet areas where timber is traditionally an unsuitable match, such as bathrooms.

With advanced printing and manufacturing methods, porcelain tiles can be made to replicate the grains, inconsistencies, wood knots and colour of real timber, making it hard to differentiate between real timber floorboards and timber-look tiles.

Benefits of Timber-Look Tiles

Timber tiles provide the look and feel of real timber in your home with the additional benefits of being environmentally friendly, durable, easier to maintain and resilience to temperature or climate changes.


Timber-look tiles are typically made of porcelain or ceramic. These are popular materials for flooring tiles, as they are highly resistant to wear and tear, dents and scratches.

Porcelain tiles are made with fewer air pockets and are designed to be more durable over time, making them less likely to degrade than real timber and suitable for use in low and high traffic areas across your home or business.

Timber-look tiles also have the added benefit of being incredibly water resistant, with a low water absorption capacity that means they can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor areas and even around pools.

Easier to Maintain

Unlike real wooden flooring that requires regular upkeep, sealing polishing and to prevent scratching, chipping or denting, timber tiles don’t require any special maintenance.

Cleaning and maintaining your timber-look tiles is as easy as giving it a sweep and a mop!

Timber-look tiles are also ideal if you have young children or are prone to the odd spill and stain on your flooring, as any spills can be wiped or moped away without the risk of leaving long-term damage on your floor tiles in Perth.

Environmentally Friendly

For those who love the look of real timber but are worried about the sustainability, timber-look tiles present the perfect solution.

Unlike real timber flooring, which generally relies on cutting down trees, timber tiles are created using porcelain or ceramic, which comes from much more sustainable clay.

Don’t Warp or Shrink

While it is beautiful, regular timber flooring is susceptible to damage from moisture and changes in temperature, making it difficult to use in certain climates or in particular rooms of your home.

Thanks to their water-resistant properties, timber-look tiles don’t warp or shrink like regular timber flooring, making them suitable to use on walls and floors in houses of varying climates. 

Timber Look Styles

As timber look tiles are made from porcelain or ceramic and involve printing the timber ‘look’ onto the tile, you can find timber tiles in virtually any style or colour.

There are styles available to mimic any type of wood to suit any taste, including oak, teaks, chestnut and jarrah look tiles.

Timber look tiles are also available in many configurations, such as herringbone, brick-bond, coastal chic or traditional, lending themselves to being used on flooring or even as a feature wall.

How Can You Get the Timber Look in Perth?

With so many styles, sizes, colours and types of timber look tiles on the market, choosing the right tiles in Perth for your home can be overwhelming!

InStyle Ceramics aim to take the stress away from your tile purchase, with a premium range of timber look tiles and a team of tiling professionals on hand to answer all of your burning questions.

We encourage customers to visit our showroom in Myaree, where our experts will work with you to determine your needs and style preference, with the aim to find the ideal timber look tile for your home.

Contact InStyle Ceramics or visit our showroom in Myaree to find out how timber look tiles can transform your home today!