6 Trending Style Ideas for Your Bathroom Tiles

6 Trending Style Ideas for Your Bathroom Tiles

When you wake up in the morning and stumble into your bathroom to get ready for the day, you want to be in a space that exudes luxury, is easy to keep clean and puts you in a great mindset for the day.

So what changes can you make to your bathroom to bring in some modern style?

Tile styles change constantly and new designs come out year after year, setting new trends and benchmarks for interior design and decorating.

If your bathroom is due for a makeover or even just a facelift, contact InStyle Ceramics to discuss the latest bathroom design trends for 2019.

As a tile boutique, InStyle Ceramics keep on top of the latest trends to ensure we stock the best and newest bathroom tiles in Perth.

1. Graphic Patterns

Bathroom tiles bring so much to your wall space, so why not use them to introduce a bold pattern or design to your bathroom.

Graphic patterned tiles are a simple way to add colour or design to your floor, walls or both, with patterns as intricate or as simple as you like.

At InStyle Ceramics, you can find ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles with a range of graphic patterns to suit your colour theme or décor.

2. Matte Finishes

Polished, glossy tiles give a luxurious, clean look to your bathroom, but they only stay luminously glossy when they are well maintained; we will take a good guess that this is where the recent love affair with matte finished bathroom tiles has grown from!

Bathroom tiles with a matte finish are becoming more popular due to their low-shine that somewhat masks smudges and watermarks – which are typical in a busy bathroom.

Porcelain tiles with a matte finish also offer an understated beauty to your bathroom, allowing more earthy tones such as charcoals and even timber to give your bathroom a unique look.

3. Neutrals

While brightly coloured bathrooms with shades of blue, green and even orange may have had their day in the past, they are certainly not the way of the future.

Neutral tones, such as white, grey and cream, create a relaxing, calm atmosphere in your bathroom, allowing you to relax and prepare for your day ahead, or sink into the bath at the end of a long day.

A great way to add style with neutral tones is to use porcelain tiles in a stone or marble look, or to use mosaic tiles as a wall or shower feature.

4. Timber Tiles

Timber look tiles allow bathrooms to have the natural look and feel of timber without the drawbacks of real wood.

Areas with high moisture, such as bathrooms, should avoid using real wood and timber products, as real wood can warp, scratch and dent easily.

However, timber look tiles are made from porcelain or ceramic, which means they can be used in high moisture areas such as bathrooms, outdoor patios and even around pools.

If you haven’t heard about timber look tiles before or you want to know more, read our blog for beginners tips on including timber look tiles in your home.

5. Honeycomb Tile

Hexagonal tiles, or “honeycomb tiles” are a popular tile shape for 2019, offering an easy way to add a geometric pattern to your wall or floor.

The honeycomb tile also comes in various patterns, so on top of the eye-catching honeycomb shapes made by the tiles when they are installed on your floor or wall, you can pair plain hexagonal tiles with intricately patterned tiles in random or well-planned configurations.

6. Texture

If you are looking to stick with a particular colour theme, but want to add depth and variation to your design, why not consider 3D tiles as part of your bathroom overhaul.

3D bathroom tiles are a great way to turn a simple feature wall into a piece of art.

Your Tile Boutique for Bathroom Tiles

For a range of bathroom tiles in Perth, your first stop should be InStyle Ceramics in Myaree.

With over 30 years of industry experience, we know the importance of keeping up with ever-changing trends and helping our customers to include them in their homes.

At InStyle Ceramics, we have a tile gallery and a trade centre on site with professional interior designers on hand to assist you with all your bathroom tile choices.

Contact Instyle Ceramics today or visit our showroom to find out all about the latest trends in bathroom tiles.

Beginners Guide to Timber Tiles

Beginners Guide to Timber Tiles

With a natural, yet elegant look that can be made to suit any home, timber-look tiles have emerged as a popular tiling solution for many homes.

Not only do timber-look tiles replicate the aesthetic value of real timber, they provide a flooring choice that is durable, easy to clean and more versatile than their counterpart.

Timber-look tiles are generally made of ceramic or porcelain; with technological advances in printing and manufacture, the porcelain or ceramic is transformed into tiles that could be easily mistaken for real timber.

Why Timber-Look Tiles?

Regular timber flooring has its downfalls, particularly when it comes to its high cost, low resistance to temperature changes, likelihood of termite attack and unsuitability in wet environments such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Which leads us to timber-look tiles, which counter many of the disadvantages associated with real timber, including their suitability for wet areas where timber is traditionally an unsuitable match, such as bathrooms.

With advanced printing and manufacturing methods, porcelain tiles can be made to replicate the grains, inconsistencies, wood knots and colour of real timber, making it hard to differentiate between real timber floorboards and timber-look tiles.

Benefits of Timber-Look Tiles

Timber tiles provide the look and feel of real timber in your home with the additional benefits of being environmentally friendly, durable, easier to maintain and resilience to temperature or climate changes.


Timber-look tiles are typically made of porcelain or ceramic. These are popular materials for flooring tiles, as they are highly resistant to wear and tear, dents and scratches.

Porcelain tiles are made with fewer air pockets and are designed to be more durable over time, making them less likely to degrade than real timber and suitable for use in low and high traffic areas across your home or business.

Timber-look tiles also have the added benefit of being incredibly water resistant, with a low water absorption capacity that means they can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor areas and even around pools.

Easier to Maintain

Unlike real wooden flooring that requires regular upkeep, sealing polishing and to prevent scratching, chipping or denting, timber tiles don’t require any special maintenance.

Cleaning and maintaining your timber-look tiles is as easy as giving it a sweep and a mop!

Timber-look tiles are also ideal if you have young children or are prone to the odd spill and stain on your flooring, as any spills can be wiped or moped away without the risk of leaving long-term damage on your floor tiles in Perth.

Environmentally Friendly

For those who love the look of real timber but are worried about the sustainability, timber-look tiles present the perfect solution.

Unlike real timber flooring, which generally relies on cutting down trees, timber tiles are created using porcelain or ceramic, which comes from much more sustainable clay.

Don’t Warp or Shrink

While it is beautiful, regular timber flooring is susceptible to damage from moisture and changes in temperature, making it difficult to use in certain climates or in particular rooms of your home.

Thanks to their water-resistant properties, timber-look tiles don’t warp or shrink like regular timber flooring, making them suitable to use on walls and floors in houses of varying climates. 

Timber Look Styles

As timber look tiles are made from porcelain or ceramic and involve printing the timber ‘look’ onto the tile, you can find timber tiles in virtually any style or colour.

There are styles available to mimic any type of wood to suit any taste, including oak, teaks, chestnut and jarrah look tiles.

Timber look tiles are also available in many configurations, such as herringbone, brick-bond, coastal chic or traditional, lending themselves to being used on flooring or even as a feature wall.

How Can You Get the Timber Look in Perth?

With so many styles, sizes, colours and types of timber look tiles on the market, choosing the right tiles in Perth for your home can be overwhelming!

InStyle Ceramics aim to take the stress away from your tile purchase, with a premium range of timber look tiles and a team of tiling professionals on hand to answer all of your burning questions.

We encourage customers to visit our showroom in Myaree, where our experts will work with you to determine your needs and style preference, with the aim to find the ideal timber look tile for your home.

Contact InStyle Ceramics or visit our showroom in Myaree to find out how timber look tiles can transform your home today!

6 Benefits of a Tiled Kitchen Splashback

6 Benefits of a Tiled Kitchen Splashback

The kitchen is the heart of your home, bringing your family or friends together to enjoy a meal, a cup of tea or even just a long overdue catch up.

With so much time spent in your kitchen, you ideally want it to look effortlessly stylish and be easy to clean.

One way to give your kitchen an affordable, practical and eye-catching revamp is to install a splashback that not only improves the look of your kitchen, but also provides a practical use.

At InStyle, we offer an extensive range of premium kitchen tiles in Perth that are guaranteed to suit any style or décor.

So what are some of the many benefits of using kitchen tiles to create a splashback?

Increase your Kitchen Value

Whether you are looking to sell your home soon or renovate it for the future, one easy way to make improvements and increase the value of your home is to update your kitchen with a simple splashback.

A drab, worn down kitchen with regular walls behind a cooktop or sink that are covered in hard-to-remove stains will devalue your kitchen and home overall.

Using unique or premium kitchen tiles from InStyle Ceramics for your splashback will add significant value to the look and atmosphere of your kitchen, plus it will protect your walls from costly and unsightly damage.

Quick and Easy to Install

Confident DIY’ers will love the ease with which a kitchen tile splashback can come together. But if you would rather leave things to the professionals, a qualified tiler can also complete the project quickly for you.

At InStyle Ceramics, we not only offer wall tiles, kitchen tiles and ceramic tiles in Perth, we also have a Trade Centre where we supply materials and equipment to guarantee your tiling project is perfectly finished.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

From breakfast bacon to spaghetti bolognese, kitchens endure some tough spots, spills, splatters and stains.

Kitchen tile splashbacks turn cleaning into an easy task; oily, difficult-to-clean splatters don’t stand a chance on ceramic and wall tiles, as the sleek surface means stains can easily be wiped away with a cloth and general cleaning products.

Unlimited Design Options to Choose From

A new splashback can breathe life into an older kitchen by adding a bold feature wall or seamlessly tying your appliances and décor together.

Many homeowners choose to use mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles or wall tiles for their splashback, thanks to the extensive array of colours, shapes, sizes and finishes, that are available.

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to choosing your ideal kitchen splashback.

Provides Protection

Bare walls are porous and over time, after relentless splatters from soap, water or grease, your walls can become significantly damaged.

Putting a splashback in place provides protection for your walls and eliminates the risk of long term wall damage or hard-to-remove stains.

Easily Replaced

If you have an old splashback in your kitchen that you are looking to revamp, or even a tile that has become damaged over time, replacing it is an easy and non-costly process.

Your Tile Boutique for Kitchen Tiles in Perth

Improving your kitchen can be as as simple as adding a modern mosaic tile splashback or replacing a tired splashback with something more bold.

If you are unsure of what tiles to use, caught between colours or surprised by the number of styles available, a trip to InStyle Ceramics can give you the expert advice you need.

Our expert team of interior designers will help you to explore all your kitchen tile design options, matching your current décor to tiles on display in our tile showroom.

Contact InStyle Ceramics today to get started on your kitchen renovation journey with experts in the tile industry.

The Tile Trends for 2019

The Tile Trends for 2019

If your New Years resolution was to do some renovations to your home in 2019, you have come to the right place.

Tile styles are always changing, with new designs emerging year after year to impress us and challenge our wall and floor tile design choices.

Before you take on that DIY project or large renovation, schedule a visit to the tile experts – InStyle Ceramics.

As a leading supplier of quality tiles in Perth, we are always searching for the best and newest designs as outlined by Cersaie, and keeping on top of the biggest trends.

In 2019, there is a trend to suit most tastes, from a floral-pattern revival to geometric shapes for you to get creative with in your Perth home.


Geometric Graphics

For those who love decorative tiles, you will be pleased to know that decorative geometric designs are continuing their resurgence in 2019.

As a nod to the Art Deco movement of the 20’s and 30’s, tiles featuring geometric designs, such as linear, pixelated, dotted and even 3D designs will be popular for use in feature walls and even floor tiles in Perth.



We’ve seen triangular shapes and designs gain popularity over the past few years, but we expect to see them truly make their mark in 2019.

Triangle designs may come as single-colour triangle-shaped tiles, 3D mixed mosaic or feature triangular designs on them, giving another dimension to your kitchen splashback, bathroom tiles or feature wall in your bedroom.

Those who are feeling particularly playful with their interior design can use square tiles with triangular designs to create geometric mosaic patterns.


Extra Large & Extra Small

From one extreme to another, 2019 will see extra large and extra small tiles feature more prominently in homes.

Extra large format tiles can reach more than three metres in size and will be popular as homeowners can minimise grouting and joins between tiles, resulting in easier cleaning and a more minimalistic look.

On the other hand, extra small tiles will appear in more homes in 2019, with their tiny format perfect for those looking to create intricate pieces of art on walls or floors.

With numerous looks available in small tiles, homeowners can use metallic look, glossy, textured or matte-finished mosaic tiles in Perth to create eye-catching pieces in their homes.


Floral Patterns

The term ‘floral’ may remind some of the old days, with the bold, groovy patterns of the ‘60s and ‘70s, or the super feminine floral designs that featured heavily on wallpapers, bedding and materials in the 80’s.

In 2019, floral patterns are set to be in vogue, with big tile sizes and strong colours. Floral patterns on wall tiles can be used to add character and charm to your bathroom, bedroom or even kitchen.


Marble & Stone Effect Tiles

The classic and timeless look of marble and stone in interior design shows no sign of slowing in popularity, which has resulted in a rise of marble and stone effect tiles.

Marble and stone effect tiles are often made from porcelain and provide the luxurious look of the real thing without the price tag.

Marble and stone look tiles made from porcelain are far more lightweight than actual marble or stone, so they can be easily installed as wall and floor tiles in Perth.

In 2019, we expect to see tile designs to push boundaries, with experimental shapes, sizes and colours added to the market to expand our love affair with marble and stone look tiles.


Wood Effect Tiles

Printing and manufacture processes have resulted in porcelain tiles that look unbelievably like real timber.

These wood-effect tiles have risen in popularity due to their durability, easy maintenance, eco-friendly nature and affordable price tag.


Creative Grouting

Grouting is often a second thought when it comes to tile design, with people often opting for white or a darker colour to complement their tiles, rather than using it as an opportunity to be decorative.

Use playful colours like blues, pinks and greens to contrast earthy or dark coloured tiles, or use bright, bold colours to create a colourful contrast between white tiles.


Your Tile Boutique for the Latest Trends in Perth

Transform your space with quality tiles from InStyle Ceramics, a leading supplier of bespoke, world-class tiles in Perth.

At InStyle Ceramics, we keep up to date with the newest and most popular trends, sourcing the highest quality tiles available. From eye-catching wall tiles to stunning timber tiles and durable, beautifully crafted large format floor tiles, Instyle Ceramics stock a style to suit you.

Our qualified design consultants are on hand to assist you in choosing the right style, colour and shape of tile for your own masterpiece.

Contact us or visit Instyle Ceramics today to find out more about the latest tile trends.