How to Care for Your Ceramic Tiles

One of the main reasons people invest in tiles? They are highly durable. But like all flooring options, tiles are exposed to foot traffic and often paw traffic, not to mention spills, splashes and accidents – so they need to be properly cared for. Don’t let this put you off – it doesn’t take much for the tiles in your living space to stay in tip-top condition.


Sweep & Vacuum Once a Week

And you’ll be removing any tile-scratching and dulling sand and dirt that has accumulated.



This should also be done once a week with a rag mop, which unlike a sponge mop, won’t release dirty water into the grout. Mild detergent mixed with hot water is all you need for your cleaning solution. Cleaning a large space? Make sure to empty the bucket and replace the solution halfway through cleaning – so that you don’t leave more dirt on the grouting than there was in the first place.


Dont Forget to Clean the Tile Grout

We recommend using a grout cleaner or mild bleach solution, applied with a soft toothbrush…nothing fancy needed. Unlike steel wool, a soft toothbrush provides a gentle scrubbing tool that won’t scratch the tiles.


Seal the Tile Grout Regularly

Applying a silicone-based grout sealer every 12 months can help to ensure that the grout resists future stains and dirt – which means less cleaning in the long run, and floors that won’t ever look dingy.

Address Stains Straight Away

We’re all guilty of saying “I’ll clean that in a bit”, or ‘cleaning’ a spill with just a dry or dampened paper towel. Whether it’s red wine, coffee, or last night’s dinner, leaving spills on the tiles can stain the grouting – so make sure to get the grout cleaner or mild bleach solution out the second there’s an accident, and not just one from a pet.

Steer Clear of Harsh Cleaning Products

Don’t make the mistake of adding an acidic product like lemon juice or vinegar to hot water for a homemade floor cleaning ‘solution’. A cleaning product without a neutral pH can cause damage to the tiles, gradually staining them or causing their colour to fade over time.


Invest in Floor Protectors

Floor protector mats or pads, and caps on the legs of the furniture can prevent further stress and scratches on your beautiful tiles.


Our Trade Centre for Tiling in Perth

Looking for some guidance? Head to our Trade Centre for tiling in Perth, where we will walk you through how to look after your floor tiling with care, making sure you return home with a suitable cleaning solution and grout sealer. Because at the end of the day, taking care of quality tiles the right way will ensure that they endure time, no matter how many times you spill on them!