The InStyle Ceramics Guide to Choosing Outdoor Tiles in Perth

When selecting the tiles for your outdoor area, it is important to consider not only the aesthetics you’re after, but also practicality, and the demands of being exposed to the elements. This will ensure that the chosen outdoor tiles not only do the job, but do the job well, standing the test of time.

Stocking premium tiles that are perfect for the outdoors, here are the criteria that InStyle Ceramics’ outdoor tiling options meet.


Ultimately you want your outdoor floor and wall tiles to be able to withstand the elements: sun, rain, wind and hail. While ceramic tiles are generally too soft for outdoor use, porcelain tiles have a sturdiness that makes them the ideal and versatile outdoor tile.

Absorption Rate

Not just something to consider for tiling surrounding a pool, all outdoor tiles require a low water absorption rate. This will ensure they are stain and crack resistant, even in wet weather.

Slip Resistance

The last thing you want is for your outdoor tiled area to become highly slippery when wet. Prevent this from happening by opting for unglazed and rough tiles with a slip-resistant rating stated as ‘P3’ or higher; while these are not 100% slip-resistant, their low-slip surface will significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls in wet conditions.


Outdoor tiles – unglazed tiles in particular – require a layer of quality finishing sealant to ensure they won’t stain. Due to being inherently stain-proof and highly durable against the elements, ceramic tiles make the ideal stain-free choice for outdoor areas.


Due to their low porosity, porcelain tiles are the ultimate outdoor tiling choice for the Australian climate, simultaneously providing an elegant look AND high durability. Choose porcelain and you’ll be preventing the build-up of, and potential staining from algae, lichen, moss and rot on your outdoor tiles.

Choose tiles that compliment Australia’s coastal areas such as styles made to look like limestone, sandstone, or granite, because of their attractive rugged look. Or tiles to compliment Australia’s outback, such as ones made to look like terracotta, arkose, or iron-ore due to their rich, warm and luxurious orange, red and brown hues they offer. 


This is often overlooked for an outdoor area, but it shouldn’t be! Just like the colour scheme of a home’s interior can make or break the space, so can the colour scheme of your outdoor tiling project.

To give life to and open up the outdoor space, InStyle Ceramics recommend using lighter tile shades in darker or shaded outdoor areas, such as covered patios. Darker tile shades should be utilised in outdoor areas that get more light, such as a garden bed or pool area.

Choosing Wall Tiles in Perth

When it comes to tiles for a feature wall, opt for colours that complement the plants, pools, pergolas and other outdoor features. Coastal or earthy tones will only enhance the outdoor space, adding to the ambience and helping to establish a consistent colour scheme.


Choosing Floor Tiles in Perth

The aim is to continue the theme of the interior of your home to the outside; you don’t want the outdoor space to look out of place. An effective and simple way to do this is to have the same or similar porcelain floor tiles that run from the inside to continue into the outdoor space for an extension of your home’s interior – whether that’s simple and clean or more intricate. This also creates the illusion of extra space.


Your Tile Boutique for Outdoor Tiles in Perth

If you are still unsure about the perfect tiling option and style for your home’s outdoor space, contact InStyle Ceramics today, or introduce yourself at our Perth Showroom. Our tiling experts can educate you, assist you in your choice and help you create a quote within your budget.