Floor Tiles in Perth, Western Australia

Ceramic Floor Tile Suppliers for Kitchen & Bathrooms

Tiled flooring has become increasingly popular in Western Australian homes due to its low maintenance, beautiful aesthetics and variety of options. At InStyle Ceramics, we supply floor tiles that tick all the boxes. We have a great selection of ceramic tiles for your kitchen and bathroom that will add a touch of flair and beauty to your home. Different styles suit different parts of a home; so make sure you chat to a professional about which style would best suit your intended tiling area. Contact a design consultant at InStyle Ceramics today and make an informed decision about your tiled flooring.

One of the greatest benefits of tiled flooring is that tiles do not conduct heat. In Western Australia, the heat is unbearable, and wooden or laminated flooring retains heat making your home that much warmer. A tiled floor will keep your room cool because of the ceramic composition, while adding significant visual appeal. Whether you choose a matte or gloss finish, a dark or light tile, you are guaranteed an eye-catching, smart looking surface that will stand out. Tiles are also stain resistant and easier to clean; no need to worry about guests spilling wine or scuffing your floors.


Kitchen Floor Tiles

As the hub of your home, your kitchen needs to stand out. The floor is often overlooked because most people concern themselves with finishes and appliances. The floor is equally as important, if not more so, as it acts as a blank canvas for you to decorate. If your kitchen floor is not tiled to perfection in the most suitable style then the rest of your kitchen décor will hardly have an impact. Choose neutral-coloured kitchen floor tiles without busy patterns, and opt for a larger tile, especially in a bigger kitchen. The lighter colours, along with the bigger size, will create an expanding effect in the area. Tiles are the most common flooring type for kitchens because they are easy to clean; simply wipe away food or drink spillage and enjoy cooking without the mess or stress.


Bathroom Floor Tiles

Whether it is a guest bathroom or an en-suite sanctuary, the style of floor tile you choose should reflect the overall style of your bathroom. You can be a bit more creative in this area of your home, using accessories and finishes to complement the floor style, resulting in a magnificent bathroom. You can use interesting floor patterns with a mosaic-style option to evoke a rustic character, or keep it simple and elegant with perfect symmetry. Glossy finishes work well in bathrooms with a lot of light as the reflection gives the illusion of a larger space. If you are opting for a more romantic feel, try stone-coloured matte tiles. Add a dim light or candles for a more intimate atmosphere.

No matter what design you choose, a tiled floor will always have a certain fresh style to it that cannot be imitated. Set a trend with unique tiles from InStyle Ceramics, our showroom offers a range of inspiration for your home floors.

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